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Click on the Characters to see the side


Click on the Characters to see the side


Saturdays, October 5, 12, 2019 - 8:00 p.m.
Sunday Matinees, October 6, 13, 2019 - 2 p.m.
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Character Name Voice Type Description and character requirements Solos or parts
Al Baritone Al is married to Kristine. He is aggressive, yet humorous, and very protective of his wife. Needs to have good comic timing and ability with Bronx accent. Sing
Bebe Alto Bebe is a Jewish modern dancer, down to earth, quiet and strong in will. Lacks self-esteem, Mother told her she was unattractive. Needs to look ex-ballet. Speaks about having only recently arrived in New York (Broadway), thus would be younger. At The Ballet
Bobby Baritone Bobby is flamboyant, extremely funny, and clever. Picked on at school for being different and gay. Describes himself as strange. Classified as weird at school. Tells his story as humorous vignettes. Smooth with dialogue. N/A
Cassie Soprano Cassie is an outstanding dancer with star quality who has experienced great disappointments. She had an affair with Zach. Was a chorus dancer moved on to major roles and now can't get work. Needs to be a good all-arounder, solo dance, solo singing and character actress with great emotion. Needs to match Zach in age as couple. Script mentions she is 32 although this is flexible pending cast overall age. The Music and the Mirror, What I Did For Love
Connie Alto Connie is a bright, happy, outgoing girl. Asian woman, but can be played by another race or Caucasian person. Must be the shortest in the show. Montage Hello12
Diana Alto Diana is an energetic, humorous Puerto Rican woman who speaks from the heart. Quite a forceful personality. She is a friend of Paul. Needs to be good with accents and emotion in song. Nothing
Don Baritone Don is a classic all-American young man, a jock. He is married and has been in the business for years. Montage Mother
Greg Baritone Greg is a gay man who is camp. Quite arrogant and overly confident. Very confident in his sexuality. Strong presence. Speaks with clarity and polished grammar reflecting his upbringing. Confident singing about erections and his sexuality. Montage part 4
Kristine Mezzo Kristine is married to Al. She is happy, well-adjusted, and sexy, but she can't sing. Needs to have great comic timing and will need to be a physical match to Al. Sing
Maggie Mezzo Maggie is an attractive sweet dreamer, with some old family issues that still affect her life. Unhappy family upbringing. Needs to look like she once did ballet. Move gracefully, quite feminine. Non-aggressive, likeable character. At The Ballet
Mark Tenor Mark is an optimistic newcomer to Broadway who is thrilled to be considered for the chorus. He is naive, charming, all-American, and obsessed with sex. Bit of a class clown. Needs to be confident with confronting sexual dialogue, good storyteller. Montage Hello 12
Mike Tenor Mike is an Italian tap dancer, who used to get teased. He is very straight and a bundle of energy. Needs to be very well, confident performer with big stage presence. Then needs to be able to pull all that presence back in. I Can Do That
Paul Baritone Paul is shy, introverted, and Puerto Rican. He is a friend of Diana. Has a large monologue about his parents discovering he is gay. Very emotional role. Extremely good character actor not afraid to put themselves wholly into the role. I Hope I Get It (Reprise)
Richie Tenor Richie is a high energy, proud, good natured black young man. (May be played by another race or Caucasian actor.) Generally moves well with lots of energy. Montage part 4
Sheila Alto Sheila is a gorgeous, somewhat older, been-around-the-block dancer and comic actress. Uses sarcasm very well. Quite sassy with Zach. Then reveals more about herself in the song At The Ballet. Needs to look ex ballet. At The Ballet
Val Alto Val is a sexy, sassy, funny, foul-mouthed woman with a big belt voice and a persona to match. Needs to meet physical criteria of having a well put-together body (as outlined in the song!). Very physically confident performer, comfortable drawing attention to her body. Needs to be comfortable with swearing dialogue. Dance 10, Looks 3
Zach Non-singing Zach is an ex dancer who is the Director of the show. He is a perfectionist. He had an affair with Cassie. He speaks instructions from the darkness of the audience, seems quite business-like and to the point, at times rude. Needs strong commanding voice. Cassie softens him. The audience need to believe that Cassie would have been with him in the past. Does tell the cast dance instructions, so would need to convince he had dance experience. If actor has dance ability this MAY be utilized in Cassie's solo. N/A
Larry Non-singing Larry is Zach’s Assistant. He is an authoritative no-nonsense leader. He will need to be able to move well and show some steps to the cast. Will need a good understanding of music to vocally time dance steps to music. Needs to look like an ex dancer. N/A
Cut Dancers Various These named parts (Tricia, Vicki, Lois, Frank, Butch, Roy, Tom) are referred to in dialogue and some have lines here or there. They are subsequently cut from first round of dance. Need some dance skill and will return for Finale. N/A
Pit Singers Various Do not appear onstage and will work solely as vocal support in the pit. N/A
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